Giancarlo Tintori’s contemporary take on the traditional chandelier form is just breath-taking. ... READ MORE

28 Mar 2014 | TAGS:

Dorali’s Constellations

This piece has become one of our classics; it was the first image in the Natural Curiosities’ gold leaf series and continues to be one of our top-selling pieces. ... READ MORE

25 Apr 2014 | TAGS:

Oh Crystal Ball

Held in a delicate three-pronged base made of solid brass with a nickel plate finish ... READ MORE

24 Mar 2014 | TAGS:

Fit for Royalty

The Archibald A armchair: an invitation to meditate and relax. ... READ MORE

21 Mar 2014 | TAGS:


To design the repetition of a collage means drawing a disciplined dance. ... READ MORE

20 Mar 2014 | TAGS:


With her interior design background, designer Laura Kirar creates adaptable rugs that unite a room and highlight the furniture. ... READ MORE

17 Mar 2014 | TAGS:

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