Beyond Craft: Brighten Up Your House

Beyond Craft: Brighten Up Your House

When it comes to lighting and deciding what to put in the space you want to consider two things. The first is that you should have a variety of light sources at several different levels in the space. The second is to be sure you have appropriate task lighting for whatever you need to do in that space. For example, in the dining room the table should be the brightest spot to draw people in. The living room should have a mixture of table lamps and ceiling fixtures that shine both upward and downward.

Even more important than the right light fixture is the kind of light bulbs you use. I remember when I first realized that not all lighting was created equal. Any light will provide illumination but the chemical makeup of your light bulbs may cast a subtle yellow or green hue across your rooms. The idea of looking yellow or green isn't appealing, and fortunately now there are light bulbs that help you combat the green and yellow glow.

You might not notice it at first but if you take an old film camera and shoot a roll of film under fluorescent light you will find that your photos have a slight yellow tint. Similarly, tungsten light gives your photos a greenish glow. While it's much more apparent on film, this tint is always there when using conventional artificial light sources.

Lighting is essential to living comfortably in your home. Not only is enough light important to being able to enjoy your space but crisp clean light lets you really enjoy all the beautiful products you put into your home. 

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