Beyond Craft: The Elements of a Home

Beyond Craft: The Elements of a Home

Less is More

No doubt that modern design is slowly creeping into everything we see and touch. Cars, appliances, computers; all are getting sleeker and more stylized, and so is today's home. The world of architecture and home interiors is starting to slant towards transitional and contemporary designs. Here are a few tips to give your home the open and airy vibe that contemporary style is known for.

At the top of the list of modern design is light. We don’t mean lamps or chandeliers—though they can make great accents, we mean daylight. Contemporary homes have airy rooms with lots of light. If this is the kind of feel you want, choosing an open floor plan will go a long way toward that goal. The lack of walls and obstructions means that there will be fewer light blocking barriers resulting in a well-lit space.

One key design element that should always be on your mind when you are creating a contemporary space is that less is more. Much of what you'll find today in furniture stores reflects this. Heavily ornamented design elements are being replaced by clean and simple lines that make contemporary homes feel lighter and more casual, while maintaining an elegant motif.

Bare floors are also a fixture here. To help create the lighter, airy appeal, select a simple flooring with a gorgeous finish. You can look to flooring materials like hardwoods, ceramic and porcelain tiles or even concrete. Keeping your flooring simple gives you opportunities to use area rugs to warm up a space and add a splash of color and texture.


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