A Patio In Your House

A Patio In Your House

Outdoor living spaces have been a growing trend over the years and they may be anything from a simple sitting area where you can enjoy a garden of freshly planted flowers to a fully outfitted outdoor kitchen to help you entertain guests. Here's an overview of how you can design and build an outdoor space to fit your lifestyle.

Decide What You Will Use the Space For

First you need to decide just how you'll use this outdoor living area as this will determine not only the design but also the size of your space. Take some time and sketch out your ideas. When you’re happy with your design you can begin to choose the materials which will work best in that space.

Select Your Building Materials

There is a wide variety of building materials available for your outdoor living space, from pavers to tile to natural stone. Each material has its own unique properties which may lead you to choose one over another.

Brick is an extremely popular choice, in part because it’s now available in a rainbow of colors. If your home is located in an area with widely varying temperatures you will want to make sure that you use patio brick instead of structural brick because it is less porous.

Pavers are another excellent, economical choice when it comes to a patio material. Typically these are made from concrete or clay and come in various sizes, colors and shapes. They are also widely available, relatively inexpensive and installation is simple and straightforward.

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