Mirrors Guide

Mirrors Guide


Along with helping you look your best, mirrored cabinets can bring one more layer of design to your bathroom environment. With unique shapes, finished glass edges or coordinating wooden frames, mirrored cabinets are designed to add an attractive and functional element to your styling space.


Mirrored cabinets come in a range of shapes and standard sizes to fit bathrooms of all sizes. You can choose a shape that reflects the lines of your architecture or the details of your faucets and fixtures.

Mirror Edge

If you choose a frameless option, there are still a variety of possibilities for how the mirror edge can be finished. The level of detail can soften the look of the space or help to keep it clean and minimalist.

Framing Options

Frames can add a decorative or polished touch to a mirrored cabinet while frameless cabinets have their own sleek appeal. A matter of personal preference, to frame or not to frame is an option with many mirrored cabinets.

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