Picking the Correct Coffee Table for your Space

Picking the Correct Coffee Table for your Space

The humble coffee table is a universally familiar furnishing, but that hasn’t always been the case. In fact, it’s a relatively new addition to the living-room landscape. This ubiquitous workhorse — and landing pad for its namesake as well as countless other items — can also be the standout statement piece of your décor.   


When choosing a coffee table, it’s important to consider not just style, but also function, and to ensure all furnishings in the room work in harmony.

Luxe Home Interiors’s Elaine Balkwill notes that it’s important the piece “fit the space correctly; it’s the right height, it’s pulling elements from the rest of the room.”

Balkwill says that she loves the complement of different elements. “So many places are going to have hardwood flooring, so it’s nice to add a metal and stone in, just to add more earth elements to the space.”

Luxe’s showroom boasts pieces crafted of rigid acid-etched steel, industrial concrete composite, marble or salvaged wood, all of which add visual interest to living-room décor.

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